Events & Publications

Dr Miller is a regular speaker and participant in international conferences and working groups focused on enhancing market access for personalized healthcare. A partial list of illustrative current and future activities includes:

  • December, 2019. Article published in Journal of Precision Medicine titled Acceleration of Adoption of High Complexity Precision Diagnostics by Global Public Healthcare Systems (
  • November 2019. Presented at Spanish Network of Innovation in Healthcare System (ITEMAS) meeting Innovation and Technology Transfer in Healthcare, Barcelona, Spain
  • September 21-22, 2017. Dr. Miller presentation “Emergence of high complexity testing in targeted and immuno-oncology: Strategic considerations and market access” at the 4th Global Precision Medicine Summit in Munich, Germany
  • May 10, 2017. Dr. Miller article “Realizing the potential of Precision Oncology” publishes in the Journal of Precision Medicine. Available here.
  • January 3, 2017. Dr. Miller article “Considerations for the Successful Development of Precision Immuno-Oncology Therapies and Their Companion Tests” publishes  in Genetic Engineering News. Available here.
  • September  2016 Dr. Miller to present on Diagnostic Market Access and Commercialization Strategy at the 1st International Congress focusing on Molecular Diagnostic Technologies in Barcelona, Spain and at the Precision Medicine Congress in London
  • August 9, 2016. Dr Miller’s new commentary article (“The evolution of high complexity companion testing for targeted and immuno-oncology”) publishes in the journal Personalized Medicine. Free pdf download available here.
  • July 11-12 2016 Dr. Miller to present on Commercialization Strategy for Companion Diagnostics and to moderate a panel at the Precision Medicine Forum in London
  • July 7-8 2016 Dr. Miller to present on Market Access and Commercialization Strategy at the GTC Precision Medicine conference in Boston
  • December 17, 2015 blog: Why immuno-oncology drug developers need a coherent payer-facing strategy for patient stratification
  • November – December, 2015. Dr.Miller Chaired the  Companion Diagnostics Summit, Berlin (Nov 26-27) and the Personalized Medicine & Biomarkers conference, London (Dec 2-3)
  • September, 2015. Dr. Miller publishes invited editorial in the Personalized Medicine journal, “The Emergence of Immuno-Oncology Combination Products”. Available at
  • September  2015 Dr. Miller to present on Market Access and Commercialization Strategy at the 2nd Annual Precision Medicine conference in London;
  • July 2015: Dr. Miller invited to submit editorial on Immuno-Oncology companion products for the September 2015 issue of journal Personalized Medicine
  • May 2015. Iain Miller interviewed by Labtube, link available at:
  • May 2015. Chairperson & Speaker, Personalized Medicine 2015 Conference. Presentation title”The Emerging Commercial Paradigm for Personalized Medicine: Recent Developments and EU Market Access”
  • December 2014. The European Personalised Medicine Association (EPEMED) releases 51 page report “Enhancing Patient Access to Drug Diagnostic Products in the EU”. Dr. Miller served on the Steering Committee of this 2 year initiative and is interviewed on the Epemed website about the report. Copy available upon request.
  • November 2014: Speaker “Paying for Personalized Medicine and Implementation in Patient Care” Conference, Amsterdam, November 13, 2014.
  • September, 2014: Invited speaker at European Society of Molecular Oncology symposium “Closing the Gaps in Personalized Medicine for Lung Cancer”, resulting in production of white paper. Copy available upon request.
  • Review article ” Best Practices and Emerging Trends for Market Access to Personalised Medicine in the US and EU: Learnings for Global Developed and Emerging Markets” published September 2014; copy available upon request
  • Invited panellist, BIO International Conference, San Diego, June 26, 2014, Making Personalized Medicine a Global Reality for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Moderator, UK Biotrinity Investment Conference May 13, 2014 panel ” Will Companion Dx exist in 2020? The transition from single CDx paradigms to multi-omic testing”
  • Speaker, World Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Conference, Frankfurt, April 23, 2014, “Enhancing Patient and Market Access to Drug-Diagnostic Companion Products in the EU”
  • Invited interview in January 2014 Wall Street Journal custom content paper “From Insight to Impact: Realizing the Potential of Innovation” distributed at Davos. Copy of report available here.
  • Invited speaker, UK NIHR Diagnostics Evidence Cooperative launch event, Leeds, November 22, 2013
  • Invited panelist, joint European Medicines Agency / European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises conference “Adaptive Pathways for Personalized Medicine – Supporting European Innovation” meeting, London, December 3, 2013
  • Steering Committee member of EPEMED/Charite Berlin Personalized Medicine EU Market Access Study, initial publication October 2013, full published report early 2014
  • Steering Committee member of UK Academy of Medical Sciences Report: “Realizing the Potential of Stratified Medicine”, published July 12, 2013, copy available upon request 
  • Assessor for multiple UK Department of Health / Technology Strategy Board funding proposals (ongoing)
  • Invited panelist for The Biopharmaceutical Conference in Europe, Geneva, June 2013
  • Invited panelist for IMPAKT Think Tank meeting: Barriers to Patient Access for Molecular Diagnostics, May 2013, Brussels

Dr. Miller is also a regulator contributor to thought leadership articles on personalized healthcare, including his 2011 article “EU Market Access for High Value Diagnostics” in the journal Personalized Medicine and co-authorship of the 2014 Epemed report “Personalized Medicine in Europe: Enhancing Patient Access to Drug-Diagnostic Companion Products”. Please contact us for a copy.

Iain has also served as a founding Board member of the European Personalized Medicine Association ( since 2009.

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EPEMED works to secure Market Access for Personalized Medicine in Europe, with a focus on diagnostics. During 2012-13, EPEMED has been working on a core collaborative initiative with Charite University Berlin “Personalized Medicine in Europe: Enhancing Patient Access to Drug- Diagnostic Companion Products”. Iain sits on the Steering Committee of this joint project. Key initial findings were presented at The 2nd Annual Health Economics and Personalized Medicine Symposium in Luxembourg in October 2013.

A full written report was published in late 2014. Please contact us for a copy of the Luxembourg Market Access presentation or for a copy of the EPEMED brochure.