Healthcare Strategies Group provides a unique blend of strategic advisory services and operational business development and general management support. The company’s advisory services are focused on commercial strategy and market access. The team, comprising Dr Iain Miller and a network of available associates, has a strong track record of strategy formulation and execution in global diagnostic and med-tech markets, with a focus on the intersection of diagnostics and therapeutics. Client projects will be led by Dr Miller and may be customized to leverage additional associates for expert inputs. Dr Miller has split his career living in both the US and Europe and is well positioned to support international strategy formulation and execution for companies based in either market. The Group’s consulting business model, encompassing a flexible and lean structure, together with low overhead, enables highly competitive rates for its specialized services.

In addition to short and medium-term projects, Dr Miller serves investors in the longer term by sitting on oversight boards in a non-executive capacity, and assuming part-time executive management roles.

Core offerings of Healthcare Strategies Group for key Client groups include:

Multinational diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies

  • International business development and market access/reimbursement strategy support
  • Companion Diagnostic and biomarker strategy development and implementation
  • Due diligence and market research services

Med-tech SMEs

  • Commercial Strategy and Market Access for diagnostic products / platforms
  • International business development (focus on EU ↔ US)
  • Operational general management and project management support
  • Business Plan development, executive coaching and fundraising support

Investors and University Technology Transfer Offices

  • Due diligence and opportunity assessment
  • Non-executive (Board) oversight
  • General management services
  • Business Plan development, executive coaching and fundraising support

A list of illustrative projects and clients